Kiste, Flasche, Tuch – Die drei Teile des Aktionssockels
exhibitions by joseph beuys at konrad fischer

Konrad Fischer Galerie
14 may to 15 jul 2021
Joseph Beuys und Konrad Fischer_1983_(c) Klaus Staeck_VG Bild-Kunst
Joseph Beuys und Konrad Fischer_1983_(c) Klaus Staeck_VG Bild-Kunst

»death keeps me awake.« joseph beuys 1973

The works of Joseph Beuys were presented in three exhibitions at Konrad Fischer in Düsseldorf: »Drei Teile des Aktionssockels von 24 Stunden, 5. Juni 1965, 0-24 h« in September 1976, »dumme Kiste« in May 1983 and »hinter dem Knochen wird gezählt - Schmerzraum« from December 1983 to February 1984.
The »Aktionssockel« was part of the »24 Stunden Happening« in the Wuppertal gallery Parnass. Three pieces from this action - an orange crate, an oilcloth and a bottle were shown at Konrad Fischer in 1976. During the energy-sapping performance, Beuys was the only one to stay awake for 24 hours, as Rudolf Jährling recalls.
In 1983, the »dumme Kiste« and the »Schmerzraum« followed, which Joseph Beuys completely lined with lead plates, illuminated only by a bare light bulb, whose weak light illuminated two silver rings mounted on the ceiling. On the floor, a gray telephone. The lead as a possible protective shield against radioactive rays, the telephone as a possibility of communication.

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