joseph beuys-handbuch
leben – werk – wirkung

book presentation
hhu and metzler verlag at haus der universität at schadowplatz
july 2021
joseph beuys, 1975
joseph beuys, 1975

»it’s a slow-burn fuse. many of them write to me, some of them rail against me. but they always come back.«  joseph beuys, 1984

»joseph beuys. leben – werk – wirkung«, a 400-page handbook edited by timo skrandies and bettina paust, with over 80 articles by around 50 authors, will be the first ever comprehensive compendium on the artist joseph beuys. its publication by metzler verlag in stuttgart in early 2021 will mark the beginning of beuys’s centenary celebrations. 
on the one hand, the handbook will serve as a repository of knowledge and ideas for current and future beuys research and provide inspiration for further research. on the other hand, it is also designed to serve as a standard reference work and source of information for a wider public interested in beuys and, in so doing, to promote the discussion of his oeuvre. 
the publication comprises seven section: time and persona; works, groups of works, forms of work; recognition; contexts: people, trends and institutions; terms and concepts; reception; appendix and index.

edited by timo skrandies and bettina paust

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