jan bonny & alex wissel: jupp, watt hamwer jemaht?

julia stoschek collection düsseldorf
17 jan to 19 dec 2021

»i´m a transmitter, i radiate!« Joseph Beuys, 1964

On the occasion of »beuys 2021. 100 years of joseph beuys«, JSC Düsseldorf shows the feature film »JUPP, WATT HAMWER JEMAHT?« by Jan Bonny & Alex Wissel. It is a hybrid of film and theater production, whose stage setting can also be understood as an spatial installation. The production is to be understood as a satire on the art world of the noughties in Germany, torn between politics and art, authenticity, staging and lies, morality and power. In the midst of the film’s action, Joseph Beuys appears again and again as a ghost of the past.


the film can be watched in the jsc video lounge from 4 may 2021 until the end of the lockdown. [link]


parallel presentation

Lutz Mommartz. Soziale Plastik

the film can be seen on the jsc website. [link]


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