The capital – humans and money
Where does money come from and how do we define capital?

Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf
20 Aug 2021, 8 pm

»Kunst = Kapital« [Joseph Beuys, 1985f]

Carmen Losmann's film »Oeconomia« surprises us with the realization that many ideas we have about the capitalist system are simply wrong. Yet capital, or what we think of as capital, is a decisive factor when it comes to understanding and changing a social value system. In a discussion with the director Carmen Losmann, a representative from the world of finance and the artistic director of »beuys 2021« Dr. Eugen Blume, we would like to pose the question of the function and effective power of capital in our current social system and consider alternative systems of capital, as formulated not least in Joseph Beuys' expanded concept of art.

Guests: Carmen Losmann (director, »Oeconomia«), Dr. Eugen Blume (beuys 2021)

Moderation: Jan Wagner

The film »Oeconomia« will be shown afterwards.

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