sebastian blasius: absent wolves

düsseldorfer schauspielhaus
26 sep 2021, 11 am to 4 pm
Credits: Dieter Hüsten
Credits: Dieter Hüsten

»something happens to a landscape where wolves live. their invisible presence is like a quiet melody that changes the mood.« Petra Ahne, 2017

voices from the urban society of düsseldorf and essen meet nomadic practices meet instructions for wolf hunting. we have become accustomed to the absent wolves as a result of their deliberate extermination: with the settling down of man, the wolf was declared our competitor. deprived of his natural hunting grounds, he invaded the man-made order, helped himself to the stock of useful animals. who, on the other hand, could we be if we had developed a different, non-dominating relationship to our environment, in which the wolf could also coexist?

the performance project experiments with new forms of the collective and nomadic and includes voices of citizens of düsseldorf and essen: what alternative ways of being-in-the-world are imaginable for them? how does it feel to live without wolves?

the project is designed as an installation, spectators can choose the moment of their arrival and departure.

concept/direction: sebastian blasius

performers/participants: calvin-noel auer, nadja bruder, fabian hagen, annelie korn, leon rüttinger, pujan sadri, clara schwinning, rosalia warnke (graduating class »schauspiel« of the folkwang universität der künste essen/bochum)

interior design: ralf ziervogel


The event takes place in the context of »sculptural democracy – forms of the we«

düsseldorfer schauspielhaus
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gustaf-gründgens-platz 1
40211 düsseldorf