sculptural democracy
forms of the »we«

gustaf-gründgens-platz in front of düsseldorfer schauspielhaus
7 to 20 jun 2021
plastische demokratie
plastische demokratie

»so if one thinks in utopian terms [or rather if one thinks at all], in the end the whole world will be an academy.«  joseph beuys, 1969b

kunstakademie düsseldorf, heinrich-heine-universität düsseldorf, raumlaborberlin and the project team for »beuys 2021« will explore, discuss, revive, critically question and take forward the stimuli for the radical co-creation of democracy that beuys developed and transmitted to others. for beuys those stimuli culminated in his idea of a »university«; like figures such as wilhelm von humboldt and john dewey before him, beuys regarded the university as a model of society; beuys then investigated this idea by setting up his own free international university (fiu) in 1973. 
this jointly conceived, three-part project for »beuys 2021« will open with an action on beuys’s birthday on 12 may 2021. between april and june 2021 an experimental architecture will be created under the direction of raumlaborberlin. this structure will be divided into three interlinked areas with space for (1) research and comparison (models), (2) discussion and negotiation (parliaments) and (3) communal being, working, thinking, eating and living (lab).

artistic directors: eugen blume and catherine nichols (»beuys 2021«); frauke gerstenberg, andrea hofmann and markus bader (raumlaborberlin); ludger schwarte (kunstakademie düsseldorf); timo skrandies (heinrich-Heine-universität)

public space in düsseldorf