Joseph Beuys: Collection highlights for the 100th Birthday

museum kurhaus kleve
7 may bis 6 sep 2021
Joseph Beuys, Badewanne, 1961_1987_MKK_Photo A. Gossens_VG Bild-Kunst
Joseph Beuys, Badewanne, 1961_1987_MKK_Photo A. Gossens_VG Bild-Kunst

»when i was starting out, feelings were maybe my point of departure, but by now ideas have crystallized.« joseph beuys, 1969a

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Joseph Beuys (1921–1986), Museum Kurhaus Kleve will show a representative selection of his Beuys collection holdings from 7 May to 5 September 2021 in the largest room of the house, the so-called Wandelhalle. On view will be, for example, the monumental sculpture »Badewanne« (1961/1987), the four-part work »Ohne Titel (Mein Kölner Dom)« (1980), an extensive block of color lithographs from the 1970s, and the fragile wall piece »Seven Palms« (1974). This presentation is intended to complement the following exhibition, »Intuition! Dimensions of the Early Work of Joseph Beuys, 1946–1961« which will be on view from 19 June to 3 October 2021 in all rooms of the Joseph Beuys West Wing surrounding the artist's former studio.

curated by Harald Kunde


opening 7 may 2021

museum kurhaus kleve
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