mo-schaufenster #27: revolution beuys

museum ostwall im dortmunder u
13 aug to 17 oct 2021
joseph beuys, o. t. (signierstunde intuition), 1972
joseph beuys, o. t. (signierstunde intuition), 1972

». . . Epistemology raises these practical questions: How will people live one day? What paths do people have to take? . . . I only want power to be defined in such a way that I can say it results from insight and reason.« Joseph Beuys, 1968a

dealing with history is about the both the present and the future. form-finding in various media, artistic representation, and the daily staging of empowerment as a global cultural technique all directly connect with questions posed in beuys’s work. the motor of »insight« and »reason« instigate moments of self-empowerment that beuys expresses in his art and in his words: »make use of the power that you have through your right to self-determination! all of you!« joseph beuys, 1970c

this collaborative exhibition project, presented in the schaufenster exhibition space in museum ostwall, assembles objects and issues in a setting that combines political action and reaction. it addresses historic, current, and future processes of social interaction, forms of activism, and assumptions about the human condition. this project involving museum ostwall and tu dortmund (iaeb) codes the exhibition space as a social laboratory and as a place of »permanent conference«, thereby enabling visitors to engage in a critical discussion ranging from the objects and concepts on display to themes appropriated by beuys.

curated by sarah hübscher and elvira neuendank

museum ostwall im dortmunder u
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