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Beuys auf Fahrrad
Beuys auf Fahrrad



from Leverkusen to Bedburg-Hau 

Beuys & Bike: Cycling to the Jubilarian


The new cycling route links places that played important roles in his life and work, such as his birthplace, his first studio, the Art Academy, important works, or museums and galleries that made his work known early on, in an active experience. Spanning about 300 kilometres from Kleve to Leverkusen, Beuys & Bike can be broken down into individual stages to match the cyclist’s mood, providing an active holiday with culture.  [more]



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northern rhine

Beuys & Bike: Northern route – eight-day cycling tour 

Niederrhein Tourismus

The »In the footsteps of Joseph Beuys on the Lower Rhine« Route follows in the tracks of multi-layered artist Joseph Beuys, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2021. The round course of about 340 kilometres leads from Moers to Viersen, from Viersen northwards to Kleve along the Dutch border, and from Kleve back down the river Rhine to Moers in the south. The route covers stations of his life, important sites of culture, and commemorative places. Panorama landscapes that capture the region’s beauty with wetland meadows, forests, and rivers will appear before the holiday cyclists’ eyes. [more]



Beuys & Bike: southern route – five-day cycling tour 

Niederrhein Tourismus

The »From the Cradle to the Chair« Route follows in the tracks of multi-layered artist Joseph Beuys, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2021. The round course of about 160 kilometres leads from Meerbusch to Neuss via Düsseldorf and from Neuss to Mönchengladbach without detour, before passing on to Viersen and Krefeld and eventually returning to Meerbusch. The route covers stations of his life, important sites of culture, and commemorative places. The city experience with its rich culture is a particular part of this adventurous route that offers beautiful landscapes and sculptures on small detours and along the banks of the Rhine. [more]



Beuys meets Lehmbruck – an artistic weekend in Duisburg

Duisburg Kontor

100 years of Joseph Beuys: discover the unique connection between Joseph Beuys and the Duisburg artist Wilhelm Lehmbruck during a weekend trip to the Ruhr metropolis. [more]



experiencing art: 1 Ticket – 6 Museums – 48 hours

Düsseldorf Tourismus

Düsseldorf invites you to the Art Walk! With the Art:walk48, our guests have 48 hours of access to all collections, as well as permanent and special exhibitions in six renowned art museums. Thanks to their unique locations in the city centre, you can enjoy the best views of the city. The fact that art is at home on every street corner in Düsseldorf is also due to Joseph Beuys, who became famous with felt and fat. Beuys’ 100th birthday will be celebrated in Düsseldorf in 2021 with several exhibitions and events. [more]


Kleve and surrounding area 

Myths and Legends: Joseph Beuys – three-day hiking trip around kleve

niederrhein tourismus

If you want to follow in Joseph Beuys’ footsteps, the idyllic town of Kleve is just the place for you: Joseph Beuys grew up and went to school here, and this is where he developed and consolidated his artistic thinking. He would have turned 100 in 2021. The right time to approach his ideas, his work and his remarkable personality on a trip to the Lower Rhine, where many special exhibitions and activities commemorate him in the anniversary year. [more]



city tours



100 years of JOSEPH BEUYs – Where the world artist still inspires the city today (german)

Düsseldorf Tourismus

Beuys in Düsseldorf: the presence of this world artist, activist and pioneering thinker can be felt everywhere in the city – not only at exhibitions and the Kunstakademie (Academy of Art), but also on facades, in bars and in new concepts. This tour tells the stories behind that powerful presence. It reveals how artists and the city still mutually inspire each other, and it visits the key places around minds, art and conflicts. A guided tour ranging from the Johannes Rau statue to the Kunstakademie to the Beuys Bar explains why Joseph Beuys is inextricably linked with Düsseldorf. [more]



in the footsteps of joseph beuys (german)

Wirtschaft & Tourismus Stadt Kleve

In the morning, you will visit various stations in Joseph Beuys' life as well as his first studio and some early works in today's Museum Kurhaus Kleve. Lunch is followed by a guided tour of Museum Schloss Moyland, which contains the world's largest collection of early works. During the tour of early drawings, paintings and sculptures, Joseph Beuys' conception of art will be explained, with plastic theory playing a central role, up to and including social sculpture. [more]



kranenburg feiert 100 jahre beuys – kunstroute (german) 

kranenburg tourismus 

the tourist info center has prepared a little walk. a flyer will guide you to places where kranenburg artists - following joseph beuys - have created art in various formats in connection with ecological and social aspects. some of the art projects can be changed constantly, so that you can be inspired again and again throughout the summer by following in the artists' footsteps. [more]



Mönchengladbach and the traces of Joseph Beuys

Marketing Gesellschaft Mönchengladbach

Joseph Beuys – an artist whose ideas and works polarise to this day – put Mönchengladbach on the map of the international art scene. Reactions ranging from enthusiasm to outright rejection addressed his art in an impressive way. How did the Mönchengladbach public react to his first major solo exhibition in 1967? For what reason did one of his bronze sculptures end up as a “doghouse” on a motif float at the Veilchendienstagszug instead of in the Hardt district administration? [more]








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