music from the future
a 24-hour musical homage to joseph beuys to launch the centenary celebrations

k21 kunstsammlung nordrhein-westfalen
11 to 12 may 2021

»generally, and in principle, i am interested in music. but mainly in an acoustic, sonorous, tonal choreography of activities in my work and in a choreography of the world.«  joseph beuys, 1979

Beuys’ centenary will be celebrated on the 12th of May with a 24-hour musical homage to the artist at K21 in düsseldorf. 24 musicians honour beuys as a ground-breaking artist, who regarded music as an important component in his visual thinking and whose concept of expanded art significantly affected the course of music. the point of departure for this homage is beuys’s longstanding interest in the work and thinking of french composer erik satie: 24 musicians from different disciplines, nations, and generations will present a relay performance of erik satie’s »vexations« for piano. each will play for an hour before handing over to the next performer. the 24 players are not exclusively professional pianists, there are also visual artists, curators, school pupils. This event, as plastic as it is polyphonic, takes its lead from Beuys’s own transformative, deeply human approach to his work. it asks, with beuys, how music today, how art today can contribute to social renewal. 

artistic director: matthias osterwold

k21 kunstsammlung nordrhein-westfalen
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ständehausstraße 1
40217 düsseldorf