»and my attempts provoked debate«

reports on the beuys debate in the year 2021

From »uber-artist« to »pseudo-democrat«, from »do-gooder« to »German redeemer«: the explosive nature of the current discussion about the artist Joseph Beuys reflects his complexity and contentiousness. Beuys is received in contradictory ways now as he was during his lifetime. This lively discussion, which has been going on intensively since the beginning of the Beuys centenary, can be experienced in numerous radio interviews and reports. Various radio features also shed light on important aspects of the artist's work and influence. Here you will find an overview of the most informative contributions.

Media Accordion
ensemble modern podcast 3 aug 2021
düsseldorf tourismus 11 jun 2021
wdr 3 12 may 2021
swr 2 ab 12. mai 2021
heinrich böll stiftung 11 may 2021
deutschlandfunk kultur 9 may 2021
deutschlandfunk kultur 9 may 2021

Unter seinem Hut ist Utopia. Eine Lange Nacht über Joseph Beuys

wdr 3 6 apr 2021
wdr 3 26 mar 2021
deutschlandfunk kultur 28 jan 2021
npo radio 1 19 jan 2021
deutschlandfunk kultur 7 jan 2021