Making waves

a celebration to mark the 100th birthday of Joseph Beuys and to kick off »beuysradio«.

The 24-hour programme at once celebrates and examines the life and legacy of this pivotal artist: 100 voices from all over the world explore the artist's significance for the present in interviews and short statements. Rare audio documents offer an insight into his controversial understanding of art and history and convey the mood of the era in which Beuys became Beuys. Two podcasts examine the political and social meaning of myths in Beuys’ work and the democratic potential of free radio from South Africa to Tel Aviv to Halle. At the heart of »Making Waves« is the music that Beuys listened to, made, shaped and continues to inspire today.

the contents of »making waves« are available and listenable individually in the sections voices, podcasts, interviews, reports and music.

detailed program for download

Media Accordion

12 may 8 to 12 pm

1. Beuys and his old hat [1980] [in German]  [6:32]  2. 100 Voices: Boris Pofalla, Olga von Schubert, Cara Jordan, Das BO  [5:14]  3. Tom Waits: What’s he building? [1999]  [3:16]  4. Well Beuys, you know: Susanne Titz im Gespräch mit Kasper König  [30:00]  5. Elisabeth Rosenthal: I like America  [7:00]  6. Noah Creshevsky: Great Performances [1978]  [6:13]  7. 100 voices: Marie Arleth Skov, André Odier, Kasia Lorenc, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ralf R. Ollertz, Toula Limnaois, Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle [2021]  [5:07]  8. Benjamin Hasselhorn, Podcast: Die ganze Wirklichkeit – Braucht Demokratie Mythen? [in German] [35:00]  9. Mozart – Pork, Beethoven – Pork: Playlist von Matthias Osterwold [85:00] 10. Culture for Everyone: Raimar Stange in conversation with Olga von Schubert [25:00]  11. 100 voices: María Cecilia Barbetta, Jonathan Meese, Hans Peter Riegel, Kea Wienand, Agnes Meyer-Brandis 12. Milan Knížák & Opening Performance Orchestra: Broken Suite [2020] [23:00] 13. 100 voices: Adrian Piper, Peter-Klaus Schuster, Judy Lybke, Valie Export, Andreas Fischer, David Elliott  [8:37] 

13 may 12 pm to 4:30 am

14. »It’s not like I listen to concerts all the time«: Playlist by Ursula Block [85:00] 15. EVERYTHING FLOWS, or: »Music is a message from the future«: Playlist by Anna Schürmer [60:00] 16. Shamanism and Electricity: Playlist by Thibaut de Ruyter [120:00]


13 may 4:30 to 7:30 am

16b.(continued) Shamanism and Electricity: Playlist by Thibaut de Ruyter 17. 100 voices: Nezaket Ekici, Vadim Zakharov, Sara Barnes, Liav Mizrahi, Sibille Spiegel [8:43] 18. Die Tödliche Doris: Das typische Ding – Reenactment (I) [20:00] 19. 100 voices: Karl-Heinz Bonny, Wolfger Pöhlmann, Miguel Rothschild, Catherine Evans, Thomas Koch [7:33] 20. Miki Yui: Plant Music [2021] [60:00] 21. Klang ist Skulptur – Terry Fox: Playlist von Carsten Seiffarth [55:00] 22. Culture for Everyone: Raimar Stange in conversation with Joulia Strauss [31:00] 

13 may 7:30 to 12 am

23b.(continued) ) Joseph Beuys at the Guggenheim, New York: An Audioguide [in English] [1979] [102:44] 24. 100 Voices: Alberta Mayo, Zhenhua Li, Sorana Serban, April Gertler, Albert Markert, Klaus Theuerkauf, Svea Duwe  [11:34]  25. Culture for Everyone: Raimar Stange in conversation with Ulf Aminde [28:45] 26. 100 voices: Marco Biermann, Tilman Baumgärtel in collaboration with, Barbara Breitenfellner, Gregor Jansen, Tereza de Arruda, Bogomir Ecker, Kathrin Becker, Carolin Bohlmann, Nicola Theisen [14:16] 27. How famous is Joseph Beuys? [in German] [1979[58:06] 28. 100 voices: Albrecht Schäfer, Antje Engelmann, Gisela Staupe, Wolfgang Müller, Ellen Blumenstein, Thomas Stricker [7:20] 29. Beuys and the Celtic World: Playlist by Susan Philipsz [38:00] 30. Well Beuys, you know: Eugen Blume im Gespräch mit Sebastian Blasius  [25:00] 

13. may 12 am to 4 pm

31. Podcast Feature: Anna Bromley – Waves and Commons [in English] [180:00] 32. Beuys keep swinging: Playlist by Arsalan Mohammad [60:00]

13. may 4 to 8 pm

33. 100 voices: Gisela Staupe, Wolfgang Müller, Ellen Blumenstein, Thomas Stricker [5:12] 34. Culture for Everyone: Raimar Stange in conversation with Peter Niemann [23:07] 35. Joan La Barbara: Circular Song [1976] [7:31] 36. Yuan Gong: Five Questions on Joseph Beuys [5:00] 37. 100 voices: Andreas Koch, Akane Kimbara, Adrian Schiesser, Michal B. Ron, Dorothea Zwirner, Raimar Stange, Marianne Franz, Else Gabriel, Wolfgang Zumdick, Ron Manheim, Barbara Gronau, Thomas Schnalke, Katja Blomberg, Thaddaeus Ropac, Beatrice E. Stammer, Ivo Wessel, Katharina von Chlebowski, Jonas Burgert [19:53] 38.  Electronic Music 1977–1986: Playlist by Stefan Schneider [60:00] 39. Culture for Everyone: Raimar Stange in conversation with Marina Naprushkina [25:10] 40. 100 voices: Gesine Borcherdt, Jörg Sundermeier, Adrienne Goehler, Holm Friebe [4:31] 41.  Well Beuys, you know: Catherine Nichols in conversation with Raimar Stange [25:00]  42. 100 Voices: Milan Knížák, Monika Brandmeier, Anna Bella Geiger, Gunnar Friel [4:15] 43. »The idea of music belongs more to the future«: Playlist by Fernanda Parente[55:00] 44. 100 Voices: Veronika Kellndorfer, Tomas Kleiner, April Gertler, Hannes Langbein, Karl Heinz Rummeny, Pipilotti Rist, Exterritory Project [Ruti Sela und Maayan Amir], Marcel Odenbach, Marc Wellmann, Kristina Buch, Özlem Altin  [17:42]