let them eat money
which future?!

deutsches theater berlin at düsseldorfer schauspielhaus
autumn 2021
let them eat money. welche zukunft?!, detail der inszenierung, 2018
let them eat money. welche zukunft?!, detail der inszenierung, 2018

»the present reveals things that won’t do the way they are. the counter-concept comes from the future.« joseph beuys, 1985c

are we capable of shaping society and our own future? the play »let them eat money. which future?!« revolves around this question. for andres veiel, director of the award-winning film portrait of joseph beuys (beuys, 2017), this stage play has a lot to do with this artist: »beuys was an artist who looked ahead. he was already asking the right questions thirty years ago, because he thought his way into the political space.« andres veiel 2017
on behalf of the deutsches theater in berlin, veiel and jutta doberstein developed the idea of posing beuys’s questions once again and of addressing them in a »laboratory« set up as a form of social sculpture. in collaboration with institutes such as the shell futures scenario department, the potsdam institute for climate impact research and the humboldt forum foundation in the berlin palace, they examined ways that the public, stakeholders and experts see, foresee – fear and shape – the future.

andres veiel in collaboration with jutta doberstein

düsseldorfer schauspielhaus
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