invisible sculpture
the expanded concept of art after joseph beuys

stiftung zollverein/ruhr museum, unesco-welterbe zollverein, hall 8
10 may to 26 sep 2021
joseph beuys beim 1. jour fixe am 27.3.1981 in düsseldorf
joseph beuys beim 1. jour fixe am 27.3.1981 in düsseldorf

»the only sensible thing that happened in this century was planting trees and drilling holes in stones. we don’t ever want to stop doing that.« joseph beuys, 1983

this exhibition at the unesco world heritage site highlights the socio-political dimension of the work of joseph beuys and addresses its importance for the present and the future. beuys’s visionary commitment to democracy expanded the international concept of art. this exhibition revisits his work in the context of the present global debate on ecology and democracy.
taking joseph beuys’s expanded concept of art as its starting point, »the invisible sculpture« resists the historicization and canonization of his work. the juxtaposition of seminal works by beuys with specially selected materials – including many unpublished items – is designed to reignite the debate regarding the significance of his oeuvre and to locate his work in a broader cultural and socio-political context. to this end, there will be a particular focus on the philosophical and aesthetic aspects of beuys’s work that relate both to the current discourse on social coexistence and to the relationship between humankind and nature.

curated by theo grütter, rosa schmitt-neubauer, christoph schurian, johannes stüttgen, achim weber and carla zimmermann


digital opening of the exhibition [link]

9 may 2021, 5 pm

unesco-welterbe zollverein
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hall 8
45309 essen