institutional critique – the museum as a site of permanent conference (j.b.)

museum abteiberg
3 jun to 21 nov 2021
ghislaine leung, 2020
ghislaine leung, 2020

»j.b.: yes, that’s a big problem, a very big problem.« joseph beuys, 1975

institutional critique: the museum as a site of permanent conference. two exhibitions displayed at museum abteiberg from 3 june to 24 october 2021 as part of »beuys 2021«. the two exhibitions will comprise of one solo exhibition and one archival exhibition. the solo exhibition will comprise of works by the london-based artist ghislaine leung as commissioned by museum abteiberg and produced in 2020 and 2021. the archival exhibition will comprise of materials by joseph beuys from the andersch collection and archive at museum abteiberg and will be presented alongside materials by fluxus and related artists from the 1960s through to the 1980s. the solo exhibition will be curated by susanne titz and the archival exhibition by felicia rappe. this information is provided as per the required 1000 characters and has been edited by ghislaine leung, susanne titz and felicia rappe. details are correct as of april 2020 and are subject to change dependent on requirements and resources available.

ghislaine leung. portraits curated by susanne titz with haris giannouras 

werkstattbericht sammlung/archiv andersch (beuys) curated by felicia rappe with denise wegener


opening of the exhibition 
thursday, 3 june 2021, from 12 noon

museum abteiberg
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abteistraße 27
41061 mönchengladbach