everyone is an artist
cosmopolitan exercises with joseph beuys

k20 kunstsammlung nordrhein-westfalen
27 mar to 15 aug 2021
Joseph Beuys, Scheveningen, 1976
Joseph Beuys, Scheveningen, 1976

»i’m certainly not an artist. unless we all regard ourselves as artists, in which case count me in. otherwise, no.« joseph beuys, 1985a

the exhibition provides profound insight into the cosmopolitical thinking of joseph beuys as manifested in his actions. for here – as an acting, speaking, and moving figure – beuys examined the central and radical idea of his expanded concept of art: »everyone is an artist«. the goal of his universalist approach was to renew society from the ground up.

in the exhibition, contemporary artists, along with representatives from the most diverse areas of society, enter into a multi-layered, transcultural dialogue with beuys. from today’s perspective, they confirm, question or expand his theses on the possibilities of a future conceived in terms of art.
curated by eugen blume, isabelle malz and catherine nichols


digital opening of the exhibition 
saturday, 27 march 2021, 5 pm


a 360° tour for the exhibition can be found here.

k20 kunstsammlung nordrhein-westfalen
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