beuys’ erdklavier + ensemble crush

concert series
ensemble crush at beuys' places
aug 2021 to may 2022
© by slavi grigorov
© by slavi grigorov

»it is important that you also hear images and perceive sculptures with your ear.« joseph beuys 1986d

the musical aspect is omnipresent in the work of joseph beuys. the instrument piano, for example, combines sculpture and sound. beuys had developed the idea of the earth piano for the fluxus festival, but never realized it. it remained a concept. the ensemble crush takes this up and prescribes it as the program for a performance concert. an acoustic-performative experience based on works from the year of beuys' birth as well as the work by peter gahn composed especially for this project. the work »four6« by john cage - to whom beuys said he felt particularly close - forms the counterpart to the first half of the program. the grand piano will be played by four musicians simultaneously and thus expanded.
the ensemble crush, founded in 2013, plays contemporary music and works closely with composers. its particular interest lies in unconventional programming and breaking up the usual - also spatial - concert situation.

ensemble crush: pia marei hauser (flute), andrei simion (violoncello), slavi grigorov (accordion), marin petrov (piano)



29 august 2021 museum schloss moyland, bedburg-hau

16 september 2021 lehmbruck museum, duisburg

18 september 2021 museum kurhaus kleve

7 november 2021 kaiser wilhelm museum, krefeld

11 november 2021 kaiser wilhelm museum krefeld

12 may 2022 lwl – museum für kunst und kultur, münster


ensemble crush e.v.
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gutenbergstraße 5
47803 krefeld
museum kurhaus kleve
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tiergartenstraße 41
47533 kleve
lwl – museum für kunst und kultur
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domplatz 10
48143 münster
museum schloss moyland
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am schloß 4
47551 bedburg-hau
lehmbruck museum
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friedrich-wilhelm-straße 40
47051 duisburg
kunstmuseen krefeld. kaiser wilhelm museum
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joseph-beuys-platz 1
47798 krefeld