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from 12 may 2021
joseph beuys
joseph beuys

»i’ve just been to madrid, where i saw that the men working for the waste disposal services are great geniuses. you see it in the way they go about their jobs and in the expressions on their faces as they work. you can see that they represent a future humankind.« joseph beuys, 1985b

Is everyone an artist? Are trees more intelligent than people? Is sculpture a synonym for the humane? Are we the revolution? Do we live in a pseudo-democracy? Are capitalism’s days numbered? Joseph Beuys posed many of the questions that we most urgently face today. beuysradio investigates what Beuys actually said, how that is pertinent and why his ideas remain the subject of such heated debate today. This free online audio programme dedicated to Joseph Beuys presents 100 voices exploring him as a person, 10 podcasts on his most provocative questions, 25 reports on the festivities comprising the centenary programme »beuys 2021« and 5 playlists introducing the music he listened to, made and influenced.

artistic directors: catherine nichols and eugen blume

various locations in nrw