is every human being an artist? are trees more intelligent than humans? is plastic synonymous with the human? are we the revolution? are we living in a sham democracy? are the days of capitalism numbered? joseph beuys posed many of the questions that most urgently concern us today. beuysradio examines who beuys was, what exactly he said, how it affects us today, and why both his ideas and his person remain so controversial to this day. beuysradio takes up the theses and questions and poses them anew in the here and now. the free online audio program for a critical encounter with joseph beuys presents 100 voices on his person, 21 podcasts on his most current questions, numerous reports on the festive program »beuys 2021« on the occasion of his 100th birthday, a series of playlists with the music he heard, made, shaped and inspired.

Concept and Project Management Catherine Nichols
Curatorial assistance and coordination Pia Witzmann
Team Eugen Blume, Anne-Marie Franz, Inga Nake, Bianca Quasebarth, Pia Witzmann
Production Die Podcastproduzenten (Tina Küchenmeister, Claudius Nießen, Tobias Rohe, Andreas Popella, Annegret Richter, Rabea Schloz)

With sincere thanks to all the people who contributed to the realisation of this comprehensive and exciting programme by lending us their support their voices, their music and their engagement with Beuys in interviews, conversations and podcasts.