Understanding Beuys
A virtual gallery of the Goethe-Institut

in cooperation with zaubar
12 may to 31 dec 2021
Joseph Beuys, La rivoluzione siamo Noi, 1972
Joseph Beuys, La rivoluzione siamo Noi, 1972

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»I’m interested in transformation« joseph beuys 1979d

The »expanded concept of art« developed by Joseph Beuys forms the inspiration for the work of the Goethe-Institut to address the political, social and ecological issues of the artist in the form of a virtual exhibition in the anniversary year. The virtual gallery is conceived as an approach to the person and the work of Joseph Beuys, in particular to his life theme »social transformation«. It illustrates the artist's perspective on issues such as capital, ecology, democracy and the future. The exhibition makes Beuys’ theory and practice of »social sculpture« tangible in these thematic contexts, and it illuminates his visual and material language. In this way, it also asks about the topicality of the phenomenon Joseph Beuys beyond the centenary of his birth. The virtual gallery »Understanding Beuys« will also be accessible in Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Slovenian from mid-May 2021.


Curated by Eugen Blume and Catherine Nichols

conception: Renata Prokurat (Goethe-Institut warschau) and Fabian Mrongowius (XR Producer, ZAUBAR)

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