beuys, fluxus and the impact
the festival of new art in aachen

ludwig forum für internationale kunst and chair of art history at rwth aachen
22 to 23 oct 2021
joseph beuys at the »festival of new art« at the rwth aachen on 20 july 1964
joseph beuys at the »festival of new art« at the rwth aachen on 20 july 1964

»Fluxus encompasses opposites. Consider oppossing it, supporting it, ignoring it, changing your mind.« george brecht, 1964

the name joseph beuys is indelibly associated with an incident at the »festival of new art« on 20 july 1964 in the main lecture hall – the audimax – of the rwth technical university in aachen. a performance by beuys took a dramatic turn when an agitated student landed a punch on his nose, drawing blood, and the event was abruptly called to a halt. photographs taken that evening have become part of our collective memory, even if few people nowadays are fully aware of the circumstances.
the symposium to be held in aachen during »beuys 2021« will focus on the relationship between joseph beuys and the fluxus movement in the wake of that festival in aachen. participants will critically examine that situation over fifty years ago in light of its importance to art, politics and society today, with particular reference to works by contemporary artists. The symposium is a cooperation of the Ludwig Forum Aachen and the Chair of Art History, RWTH Aachen University and will take place from 22. to 23 October 2021 at the Ludwig Forum für Internationale kunst in German. Admission is free, registration is not required. The 3G rule applies. click here for the programme.
curated by myriam kroll, annette lagler and Alexander Markschies

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