beuys ar
A metaphysical journey through the world and ideas of Joseph Beuys

digital art
in cooperation with Rosy DX and scavengar
augmented reality experience
from 12 may

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»the material part of the world must have only the character of art in the future.« joseph beuys

Inspired by Beuys’s revolutionary approach and futurological thinking the augmented reality experience aims to connect the past, present and future, playfully expanding the discourse around his ideas and their relevance today.

The starting point is the city of Düsseldorf, where Beuys lived and worked most of his life. Three chosen locations that were relevant to Beuys will act as departing points into three metaphysical journeys inspired by the artist’s ideas – in augmented reality.

Following Beuys’s interest in shamanism the experience is divided into the three worlds of the shamanic journey: the underworld, the middle world and the upper world. As users travel through the experience, they encounter creatures and objects that relate to Beuys’s universe and are challenged to engage with political, social and environmental questions posed by the artist.

They are given tasks to be completed that use the mechanics of a scavenger hunt. At the end of each experience, users are given a special task intended to give them a sense of empowerment. The vision is to inspire users to become agents of transformation in the real reality resonating Beuys’s concept of »social sculpture«. We believe that Beuys would have liked to see every one of us activate our creative powers and engage in shaping this one great work of art which is society and that’s what we are aiming to spark with this experience.


Curation & Production: Fernanda Parente, Design: Merlin Baum, Art Direction: Vesela Stanoeva, 3D Artist: Elisabeth Drache, Sound Design: Christian Bröer, Production Assistant: Yuliana Mosheeva

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