beuys 2021
100 years of joseph beuys

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autumn 2021
joseph beuys, scheveningen, 1976  foto: caroline tisdall
joseph beuys, scheveningen, 1976  foto: caroline tisdall

»We need the sharpest minds.« Joseph Beuys 1979c

who was joseph beuys? what do our thoughts, our feelings and desires have to do with sculpture? is art the only revolutionary force? is the future a category of art? are these even the questions we need to be asking? 100 years after the birth of joseph beuys, one of the most significant twentieth-century artists, the german state of north rhine-westphalia is rearticulating these questions so fundamental to both his art and thought. 
this programme book begins with a critical interrogation of the history of the reception of joseph beuys conducted by the artistic directors of »beuys 2021. 100 years of joseph beuys«, catherine nichols and eugen blume. focusing on key publications from the beginning of beuys’s career to the present day that have documented and formed his practice over time, their unique and highly visual analysis offers an accessible insight into the problem with beuys. They reflect on the ongoing construction and deconstruction of this equally contentious and captivating public figure, whose approach to history continues to polarize responses to the artist and his work even today.
in the following section the book provides an overview of the extensive program of »beuys 2021. 100 years of joseph beuys«. here the 36 events comprising the centenary, including exhibitions, performances, concerts, film screenings, lectures, labs, symposia and podcasts, are introduced in brief essays that contribute to the enquiry into what it is that makes this artist so controversial and still so very topical. they look at his ideas on democracy, ecology, education, capital and the possibility of a universal subject. together they explore beuys’s complex oeuvre, consider his international impact and evaluate the revolutionary potential of his thought. 
the richly illustrated book concludes with an imaginary conversation with beuys. featuring original works by the award-winning, internationally renowned graphic designers cyan, berlin, the dialogue brings together 100 voices from many different spheres, generations and cultures who enter into a richly associative, critical dialogue with the artist’s well-known aphorisms. together they explore the genesis, viability and relevance of beuys’s vision of a future based on the principles of art.

edited by eugen blume and catherine nichols


steidl, göttingen publishing house 
cyan, berlin book design 
384 pages
16.5 × 22 cm
50 black-and-white, 170 colour images
four-colour process with four fluorescent colours
two different paper types, thread stitching
fall 2021publication date
available in separate german and english editions
isbn 978-3-95829-922-1 
48,00 €

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