12.05.1921 – 12.05.2021

Galerie Hans Mayer
12 may to 12 jun 2021

»Happy Birthday Beuys« Hans Mayer, 2021

When Joseph Beuys entered Hans Mayer Galerie on May 18, 1979, the atmosphere was full of tension. Beuys approached the cautiously smiling Andy with his tremendous radiance: love at first sight at Hans Mayer.

The moment when Beuys and Andy Warhol met in the gallery rooms at his exhibition »Indians, Portraits, Torsos« wrote art history. Coming from opposite starting points, two very extended concepts of art mixed for a brief moment to form »Kunst = Kapital«. It almost did not come to the clash of the two personalities who were among the most important artists of the 20th century. Hans Mayer recalls that Beuys did not feel much like coming to the spectacle in the gallery. But Mayer did convince Beuys: after all, Beuys would surely be happy about a return visit by Warhol to his exhibition – Beuys saw that.

In memory of this event, Hans Mayer Galerie is showing videos, photos and press material from the exhibition at that time. Private photos from Hans Mayer’s archive are also on display, offering insights into the gallery owner's shared experiences with Beuys and Warhol. And included are photographic works by Christopher Makos, who often accompanied Warhol. Photographic documents also show Beuys in the workshop of Hans Mayer Galerie.

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