100 years of joseph beuys: What do our thoughts, our feelings and desires have to do with sculpture? Is art the only revolutionary force? Is the future a category of art? Are these even the questions we need to be asking? 100 years after the birth of Joseph Beuys the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is rearticulating these questions so fundamental to both his art and thought. As part of the centenary celebration »beuys 2021. 100 years of joseph beuys« numerous exhibitions, actions and performances, plays, concerts, lectures and seminars are set to explore the equally fascinating and controversial ideas of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Some 20 institutions in 12 cities invite visitors to enter into conversation with Beuys and to examine his significance both for the international art world and for society at large. Most of all they inspire us to consider what democracy and freedom mean, how the relationship between politics and art might be thought of today and what is to be done.


  • beuys, fluxus and the impact.
    the festival of new art in aachen
    ludwig forum für internationale kunst and chair of art history at rwth aachen
    june 2021


  • joseph beuys and the shamans
    museum schloss moyland
    2 may to 29 august 2021


  • beuys – lehmbruck.
    thinking is sculpture
    exhibition in cooperation with the lehmbruck museum
    bundeskunsthalle bonn
    25 june to 31 october 2021
  • ticket to the future.
    joseph beuys, katinka bock, maria eichhorn, jon rafman
    kunstmuseum bonn
    8 july to 10 october 2021


  • technoshamanism
    hartware medienkunstverein (hmkv)
    23 october 2021 to 20 march 2022


  • lehmbruck – beuys.
    everything is sculpture
    exhibition in cooperation with the bundeskunsthalle bonn
    lehmbruck museum
    26 june to 17 october 2021


  • beuysradio.
    radio – podcast – audio library
    radio lounge / podcast series
    various locations in north rhine-westphalia
    27 march 2021 to 31 january 2022
  • mataré + beuys + immendorff.
    an encounter between the works of teacher and student
    akademie-galerie – die neue sammlung. eine einrichtung der kunstakademie düsseldorf
    27 march to 20 june 2021
  • everyone is an artist.
    cosmopolitan exercises with joseph beuys
    k20 kunstsammlung nordrhein-westfalen
    27 march to 15 august 2021
  • i’m searching for the dumbest person.
    joseph beuys and science
    lecture series
    haus der universität at schadowplatz
    12 april to 23 july 2021
  • sculptural democracy.
    forms of the »we«
    models — parliaments — lab
    public space in düsseldorf
    14 may to 23 july 2021
  • let them eat money.
    which future?!
    guest performance
    deutsches theater berlin at düsseldorfer schauspielhaus
    spring 2021
  • joseph beuys-handbuch.
    leben – werk – wirkung
    book presentation
    j.b. metzler verlag; heinrich-heine-universität düsseldorf, department of art history
    hhu and metzler verlag at haus der universität at schadowplatz
    may 2021
  • heiner goebbels:
    a house of call. my imaginary notebook (2020)
    ensemble modern orchestra at tonhalle düsseldorf
    7 september 2021
  • anyone who doesn’t want to think will be thrown [throw themselves] out.
    joseph beuys and the shape of the future
    universitäts- und landesbibliothek düsseldorf
    28 october 2021 to 20 january 2022


  • invisible sculpture.
    the expanded concept of art after joseph beuys
    stiftung zollverein/ruhr museum, unesco-welterbe zollverein, hall 8
    10 may to 26 september 2021


  • intuition!
    dimensions of the early work of joseph beuys, 1946–1961 
    museum kurhaus kleve
    16 may to 12 september 2021


  • beuys and duchamp.
    artists of the future
    kunstmuseen krefeld, kaiser wilhelm museum
    8 october 2021 to 16 january 2022


  • the catalyst.
    joseph beuys and democracy today
    museum morsbroich
    28 march to 8 august 2021


  • institutional critique:
    the museum as a site of permanent conference (j.b.)
    museum abteiberg
    3 june to 24 october 2021


  • the infinity of the moment.
    performances after joseph beuys
    various places in wuppertal
    2 to 6 june 2021
  • torn out of time.
    joseph beuys: actions - photographed by ute klophaus
    von der heydt-museum
    21 september 2021 to 9 january 2022